predator park - a roaring experience

Meeting the predators at the George Wildlife Park is an amazing experience for everyone. You can view these magnificent animals up close in a safe and secure environment.  Resident predators include two Cheetahs, two Bengal Tigers, two Servals, two Caracals, two Leopards and our two Lions.

Informative boards with interesting facts about our animals are displayed at each enclosure, you tour guide will also provide you with more information on our resident animals. The popular feeding tour generally takes place at 14h00 daily, it is essential to make a booking and confirm this time daily as it may change. This is a roaring experience for our animals and visitors.

Standard Tours (excluding feeding tour)

  • Adults: R120
  • Children (3 – 16 years): R100
  • Children (under 3): Free

Feeding Tours (includes standard tour)

  • Adults: R150
  • Children (3 – 16 years): R130
  • Children (under 3): Free