More About Us

The George Wildlife Park is situated just outside George in the Western Cape of South Africa. The owner and all staff at the park share a passion for wildlife and protecting these and all other animals. We take pride in offering all our resident animals the best possible care and respect while allowing visitors to the George Wildlife Park the amazing opportunity to see the animals in a safe and secure environment. Informative boards with interesting facts about our animals are displayed at each enclosure, you tour guide will also provide you with more information on our resident animals. Not just a thrilling experience but educational as well! School and other groups are welcome at the George Wildlife Park.

Extraordinary Experiences

Our Predator Park offers an extraordinary experience for young and old. Here you can see real life predators. We are proud to introduce visitors to our Cheetahs, Leopards, Bengal Tigers, Servals, Caracals and Lions. Watch the Bengal Tigers playing in the water and having fun, this is just as much fun for visitors as for beautiful animals. The mere fact that the king of the animals, the beautiful male lion, is only meters away from you is an extraordinary experience in itself.

At each enclosure visitors will find a board with interesting facts about these animals. Tours of the predator park is conducted during the day. The popular feeding tour generally takes place at 14h00 daily, it is however essential to make a booking and confirm this time daily as it may change. All animals receive equal priority at the George Wildlife Park. Besides the majestic predators we also offer visitors the opportunity to meet our farm animals.

Meet the inquisitive chickens and cute bunnies running around on the farm yard. Watch the playful but at times extremely lazy Meerkatte interacting with their friends. The geese like to entertain visitors especially when they are offered a treat. Visitors can purchase feeding packets from the George Wildlife Park shop. It is always a great treat for children to feed our farm animals.